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Thinking of Your Health

Prevention is better than cure ... but knowing how to help yourself and when to seek help and from whom is important too.

You will find information here on healthy living, medicines we should all consider having in the home and which healthcare professional is the right one to contact for help.

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Family Medicines Chest

Always keep medicines out of the reach and sight of children. A strong, lockable box in a high cupboard is ideal.

Never take more than the recommended dose on the packet and check the expiry date regularly - don't use out of date medicines !

If there is no improvement after the recommended time on the medicine or the person is more unwell or you are worried please consult your doctor.

Family medicine chest

Where should I go ? Pharmacy, GP, WIC, A&E or can I help myself?

Help yourself and the NHS by choosing who is the most appropriate healthcare professional to consult ... if you are concerned ask someone and they will help you.

Who to get help from and who is most appropriate

Healthy diet

Eating a balanced diet

Vegetarian and vegan diet

Losing weight

Start the NHS weight loss plan


Walking for health - local groups

Stop smoking

Stop smoking - benefits, how we can help and lots more



Alcohol guidance has recently changed - avoid alcohol misuse

Alcoholics Anonymous

Drug dependency

Talk to FRANK - help and advice about drug misuse

Mental health

Starting to think about Mental Health

For more information on many more areas of health and wellbeing see the
Useful Website Links section

Wellbeing and Social Prescribing

Contact the Mid Devon Healthcare Social Prescribers for wellbeing support on


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